Regular Clean

from £24 +VAT per clean

Is your tenement full of busy bees, struggling to find the time for regular upkeep? Then this service is for you, ensuring you always come home to a welcoming stair.

Deep Clean

from £132 +VAT

Has it been a while since your stair saw a mop and bucket? Then this is the service for you, giving your tenement the love it needs to bring it back up to standard.

Steam Clean

from £220 +VAT

When Henry (the hoover) and co aren’t going to cut the mustard and your stair needs hugs and kisses too, our stair steam cleaning service is for you.

Motorscrubber Clean

from £90 +VAT per floor

When those stairs needs a little more elbow grease, our stair motorscrubber cleaning service is for you to put that shine back in those stairs.