What the service includes:
  • Lifting the mats
  • Sweeping down the stairs
  • Mopping the stairs
  • Dusting of all surfaces (removing cobwebs, slugs etc)
  • Wiping down the walls (gloss part)
  • Brushing and washing the railings
  • Sweeping the entry and garden passage
  • Small items can be removed on request (e.g. plant pots etc)
What the service doesn’t include:
  • This service does not include the removal of larger items such as bikes and prams, removal of blood and needles, human and animal faeces or vomit. In such cases we would advise contacting Edinburgh Council.

*Please note it is not always possible to remove some marks/stains but we always try our best.

How does it work:

We bring all cleaning materials required to do the job. We simply require to gain access to the property on the agreed day and time.

How much does it cost:

Our deep stair cleaning service starts from just £132 +VAT. If the stair is bigger than ground plus 3 floors it is an additional £33 +VAT per landing. Your invoice is payable after the service has been completed and payment can be made via Bank Transfer or Cheque.